Dr. Oz Presents Spine Alignment

Over 37,000 Internet searches for “back pain” are done each and every day here in the United States – that is that’s every day! At some time most everybody experiences a “crick in the back,” but there should not be any mystery attached to the problem of why one experiences back pain. Science and medicine have proven that most conditions are extremely treatable as a case of spine misalignment.

The Dr. Oz Show aired a a segment featuring the health of the spine and the causes of back pain. Dr. Oz explained that 80% of folks experiencing back pain might profit from visiting a chiropractor and getting a chiropractic re-alignment to the vertabrea of the spine.

On a large segmented backbone-like device designed to represent the backbone Dr. Oz demonstrated how the vertebrea of the spine out of alignment with each other causes stress on the discs and nerves, which causes pain. As presented by Dr. Oz back pain may be a result of even easy movements like sleeping wrong or getting groceries out of one’s car. Sudden back pain can be brought about by any activity which forces the spine out of alignment.

Dr. Oz explained that pain medications only mask the symptoms, but do not treat the underlying cause of back pain. He said that a badly aligned set of vertabrea may lead to a herniated disc problem which causes a lot of pain and takes quite a bit to get better.

Dr. Oz had a chiropractor on the episode who continued to give an audience member a chiropractic spine adjustment. Chiropractic doctors achieve health by the manual realigning of joints, especially the backbone. After the backbone adjustment was given, he explained to Dr. Oz that realigning of the backbone minimizes interference to the body’s nervous system and lets the body heal itself.

Dr. Oz has touted the advantages of chiropractic treatment before on other shows. Lots of chiropractic clinics offer spinal and joint corrections, massage, electrical stimulation, acupuncture, heat, cold, and exercise prescription to eliminate or reduce their patient’s overall health.

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