Osteoporosis Treatment Guidelines

Having osteoporosis treatment guidelines are certainly very helpful. Though, it is important that the detailed course of action or treatment procedure is directed or approved by your physician. That is the rule of thumb whenever you plan to employ medication concerning any ailment. Remember that your overall health is at risk whenever you tend to self-medicate or experiment on treatment.

However, you can find some reliable online information written by physicians. There are sound osteoporosis treatment guidelines that are posted on non-profit websites. The guideline may be based from the study conducted. But what you should bear in mind is that these recommendations have a prescribed expiry date, which implies that the clinical advice may no longer be effective after several years. This information is suggested by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner, when they published an article in their website entitled “Clinical guideline for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and older men”. In the article, it says there that “It is expected that the guideline will be reviewed, and revised if necessary, no less than once every 5 years.

While it may be true that medicine may be improved each time, and that what could be effective at this time may be surpassed by new discoveries, yet there is always one constant medication that can never be replaced by time, and that is an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D every day. These are two elements that are very vital in strengthening your bone and help reduce fracture risk. In addition, it is also advised that individuals will have a regular exercise because it will also lessen the risk of bone fracture.

Another important rule in treating osteoporosis is that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means that you have to avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking too much alcoholic drink. People may not be able to associate how smoking can be a threat to their bones since all the while they only think that it will just harm their lungs. This is because smoking hinders the production of estrogen which is very essential in maintaining strong bones.  Dr. H. Wayne Sampson mentioned in his article (pubs.niaaa.nih.gov, 2003) that “smoking has long been associated with greater risk for osteoporosis (Daniell 1972); a higher incidence of bone fractures, lower bone density, and fewer teeth (Johnston 1994); a dramatic decrease in the mineralization of bones in the hip, hand, forearm, and heel; decreased bone healing (Hollinger et al. 1999); and a decrease in new bone formation (Yuhara et al. 1999; Fang et al. 1991)”. As for alcohol, it has been a common knowledge that this substance has an effect on the osteoblast, a cell from which bone develops.

In closing, researchers and scientists may continue to develop medicine that will simply cure osteoporosis in an instantaneous manner. Perhaps like a serum that you inject into your body and then immediately regenerate your bone cells. That sounds splendid and it even appears easy in movies. But in the mean time, the most logical and effective osteoporosis treatment guidelines are those stated above.

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