Causes And Solutions For Upper Back Pain

Inflammation or irritation of the ligaments or muscles that surround the spine are the most common upper back pain causes. This can be caused by different factors:

Poor posture especially when you use a computer or even when you’re just seated

People who get repetitive strain and constantly move their arms or upper back in a certain way, usually because of their work such as factory and construction workers

Muscle strain because of weakness especially for older people or those bedridden and can’t exercise

Problems with the joints in the spine or compression fracture of the vertebra are some other causes of upper back pain. With the fracture of the vertebra, there’s a break in the bone which could be the result of an injury like a car accident, sports injury or maybe osteoporosis especially in post menopausal women.

A herniated disc or problems related to disease of the spine or discs is what it could be in rare cases. However, these problems are more common in the lower back.

How to Treat Upper Back Pain

When a muscle, without any serious injury, is inflamed it will often take 3-7 days for it to be resolved. NSAIDs are examples of anti inflammatory medications which can be prescribed. Massage of the area can be very helpful too.

In the case of repetitive strain where you repeat the same movements, the pain is likely to return. So if your pain is associated with your work, you may need to investigate other options.

The affected joints may be manipulated with the help of a chiropractor. It’s possible that this could be more helpful if a specific injury or trauma caused the pain.

For pain relieving measures, you may want to try ice or heat treatments as well as acupuncture.

If you can’t solve the problem this way then it’s best to consult a doctor. You could have suffered an injury without realizing how serious it was, or you could have osteoporosis (brittle bones) or another disease. Upper back pain causes are not always obvious so it is important to have medical attention.

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