Easy Lower Back Exercises To Relieve Back Pain

Lower back exercises can be a lifesaver for individuals suffering from pain in the lumbar or lower back region. However, it is advisable to discuss a regimen of exercises with your doctor before you start, to make sure they are the right ones for you. These are the most common exercises suggested to people suffering from lower back pain.

Curl your spine backwards with the Cobra exercise.

Lie on the floor face down with toes pointing out and hands flat on the floor at around waist level; push up from the hands, lifting the upper back and head, curling the spine backward, eyes looking up. Hips stay on the floor. Do not stretch more than is comfortable. Stay in position for a minute or two, then slowly lower down.

Curve your spine forward and stretch your hamstrings.

This exercise should always follow the previous one, to ensure that you gain balance. This is the pose known as Janu Sirsasana in yoga.

You should sit on the floor and stretch your right leg forward in front of you. You should instead bend your left leg and keep your knee pushed toward the floor; the left foot should be flat against the right leg. At this point you should bend down and stretch your arms as far as they can go toward your right foot You may be able to take hold of the toes, foot or ankle.

Feel the stretch in the hamstring along the back of the leg and in the lower back, but again do not push yourself too far. Stay in position for a minute or two, then slowly straighten up, rest, and repeat with the other leg.

Side bends

This exercise can be performed sitting, standing, or even sitting on an exercise ball. Extend the arms above the head with hands clasped together. Keep your body from leaning forward, and then try to bend the whole upper portion of your body on each side, first one, then the other.

Twist the spine.

Be sure to keep these lower back exercises to a minimum. Take advice before attempting it if you have had back or neck injuries in particular.

Sit on the side of a chair without arms or on an exercise ball with feet flat on the floor. Keeping the hips firm in place, turn your body around to the right. Bring the left hand over against the far side of the right knee and the right hand behind you. Turn your body to the right only to a comfortable point. Hold your head straight, and turn it to look over your right shoulder.

Hold for a count of 15 or 20, and slowly return to the font, leading with the head. Repeat the other side.

If you use a chair with a back, sit on the side of it so that the chair back does not get in your way when you twist around. The back of the chair should be on your left when you turn toward the right.

This exercise can also be performed sitting on the floor. When you twist to the right, you must keep the left knee bent and flat to the ground. The right knee is bent and up in the air, hooked over the left knee. The left elbow comes above the outer right knee, and you twist to the right. Do not move the hips, so the buttocks stay on the floor. Done this way, this is the pose known as Ardha Matsyendrasana in yoga.

The lower back area is very important and delicate, and if you are experiencing any kind of pain you should seek the advice of a medical professional. Check with your doctor before starting, to be sure that your chosen lower back exercises are suitable for your individual condition.

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