How Yoga Helps Back Pain?

Are you tired of experiencing aches and soreness in your back after a little yard work or house cleaning? It’s an experience many of us share and it can really put a damper on your day. You may have heard about using natural back pain remedies to help alleviate this pain. These natural “cures” can include exercise such as yoga. The practice of yoga can help prevent lower back pain in many ways.

Usually when people have back pain, the advice they are given is that their abdominal and back muscles need to be strengthened. While this is true, you also need to lengthen these muscles through stretching. You can’t just “bulk up” to help your back pain; added muscle has to be balanced by added flexibility. Exercise and stretching should not focus on one area of the back such as the center or the middle of the stomach, but should focus on your whole torso, strengthening your sides as well as your lower back muscles.

Even nicer, yoga brings balance into the body after you have done things that have made it imbalanced. For instance, you may have strengthened the abdominals but not worked on the shoulders or some other combination. With a good yoga routine you will be returning the balance that shifts the center of gravity and causes pain.

Once again muscles around the back area have influence on them. The legs, hip, and pelvic area muscles need to be worked as well as the abdominal in order to balance the body.

Yoga’s unique ability to use all of the muscles in the body in a single routine whether they are being stretched or strengthened, they are all working together to correct any imbalance in the body so that aches and pains can be diminished.

Yoga like any other form of exercise should be practiced with caution. Though yoga is considered to be a low risk activity, if you have injured your back you need to take special care in not over twisting or bending because you could end up damaging your spine or the disks in your back even further. If you feel any discomfort stop, then continue at a slower pace.

Also be sure to keep your focus concentrated on how the body is doing while you are doing the yoga or exercise practice. Don’t exert undue pressure on it. Your body will tell you when to stop and you need to listen. And take your time working up to positions that are known to be difficult and do not rush.

If you are recovering from a back injury, at this time yoga should not be used to strengthen or increase the flexibility of your back muscles because you could end up further injuring yourself. Take your time and simply work out the soreness with simple and light stretching until you have recovered more.

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