Are You Suffering From Sciatica?

Many people in our society will suffer from low back pain some time in their lives and it is very important when it happens to you to figure out why it is happening. Once you have had the problem diagnosed it is possible to fix it and not just mask the symptoms with pain killers which are only a temporary solution anyway.

The basis, on which the intensity of pain depends, must be identified and thrown out completely. Repetitive injuries on the same spot, without giving it enough time, would prevent the body from healing. Most of us, carelessly, drag ourselves back to the same hectic schedule and keep working for hours on our laptops, without listening to what our painful back has to say. It is like hurting the previously hurt tissue, all over again. That’s why one should take steps in a direction where you would not rub salt onto the wounds by doing what hurts you, over and over again.

Load bearing actions like running, bending, walking, sitting or standing are harmful for your back; one must make it a point to sidestep from such activities. So, before doing any such activity, take permission from your back, if it says NO, then simply relax your spine and keep your back free from the unwanted stress.

The best way to relax your back is lie flat on the floor, on the back, stomach or sideways, whatever comforts you. I implement the manual / mechanical tractions for my patients as a treatment in physical therapy. All that unnecessary weight and stress is taken away from their joints, discs, nerves and local structures with the help of tractions; it is very much like putting an inversion table to use, so as to relax the spinal cord.

Sitting or standing in a rigid position could also cause this pain. If so it is better to be on the move more frequently to avoid the pain.

If it is movement that is irritating the pain, then do not move too much. You may want to clean your house or take care of your yard or work out at the gym but sometimes moderation is the key. If you do not do excessive activity, your damaged tissue will be given the chance it needs to relax and to heal itself as it needs to.

Also think about whether your pain is worsened by arching the spine or by bending it the other way. There are things going on in your spine that make the discs go one way or the other and if you move your back the wrong way you are going to be emphasizing the problem rather than correcting it so do not go into any place of pain.

It is of foremost importance to identify which positions are affecting our body and causing sciatica. Once this is discovered by us, we can keep our bodies away from these positions and see that the healing process of our spinal cord is made faster.

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