What To Do When You Have Shoulder Joint Pain

Our skin and joints lose moisture as we age. When skin ages and it loses its moisture content, it dries out and it loses its elasticity. Our joints float on a gel bed, and as we grow older, this gel dries out, just like our skin. This causes the friction between the bones of the joint to increase, and you now have bone rubbing on bone. This is very serious, and can cause major shoulder joint pain, and pain in many other joints in the body.

A company called Jusuru has developed a nutritional product called BioCell Collagen, which can be taken as a liquid drink daily and will help with joint problems. It will also improve the texture, moisture and elasticity of the skin. Uniquely, this product does not contain a wide range of other products combined. It is a single ingredient only. If a lubricant is lacking when your joints rotate, then there will be pain, and this will be magnified by inflammation of the bursitis and swelling of the tendons.

Over 36 clinical trials have been done on BioCell Collagen with significantly positive results. Patients reported reduction of pain, improvement in movement and improved skin elasticity and texture. This was very positive. You can find more information about these studies online by doing some search

Making the product involves a process, which is covered by a number of patents. While they were doing their testing of the product, they discovered that it also increases the strength of the cell walls, which can lead to strength in other areas as well. This won the Jusuru Company the 2011 Frost & Sullivan award in 2011 for their processes.

The website and company has attracted a number of prestigious doctors to its roster of believers. There are human doctors and as it turns out an adjusted formula can be beneficial to pets, there are also vets involved. The ranges of specialties in which these doctors figure include obesity, cancer research and orthopedics.

The website also lists a number of very convincing testimonials from people who have used the product. Even the doctors recommend the product to their patients, and speak of their patient success stories. These testimonials include weight loss gurus and makeup artists to the stars.

Will this really help to solve the problems of the serious pain we feel in our joints. Certainly, it appears that the clinical trials are very positive, and we can hope that these results continue. It makes logical sense that adding back hydrolyzed collagen in the form of BioCell Collagen should improve or even resolve the underlying problem of joint discomfort. Our bodies need this chemical, and this is one rather pleasant way to get it back.

To summarize, these product called BioCell Collagen by Jusuru sees to have the support of the medical community, and more important, we have proof in the clinical studies that it works. Over time your shoulder joint pain will be reduced, you will have smoother, softer, more elastic skin, and you feel good into the bargain.

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