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What Causes Osteoporosis

People are somehow misinformed about what causes osteoporosis. People think that it is a simple ailment that does not affect everyone. One misconception is that it only happens to older women. This bone disease affects everyone regardless of status in life. Every person has a great probability that their bones get thin and weak. Osteoporosis robs your happy old age.

What Causes Osteoporosis

While others think that osteoporosis is caused by lack of calcium, but there is more to calcium that contributes to this bone ailment. Sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone may also contribute. It may come as a surprise for you and wonder how hormones affect bone health. But as far as researches had been conducted, the results spoke that hormones help regulate bone density. Whenever there are hormonal imbalances, our bone is one of those that get affected in our body. This is also the reason why there are more women that are affected by osteoporosis than men since as the women get older the ovaries slowly cease to produce estrogen. The men on the other hand, the decline of testosterone production is not abrupt as they age. However, while we wanted estrogen and testosterone to increase, we do not want the parathyroid hormone to increase beyond what is enough for the body. This PTH needs to be regulated because too much of it can cause bone resorption.

Another deficiency that contributes to this bone disease is vitamin D. This vitamin is essential in absorbing calcium. When there is insufficient supply of this vitamin, the bone could not get feed with the calcium that is vitally needed to stay strong and healthy.

In addition to the inadequacy of vitamins, minerals, and sex hormones, lifestyle needs to be checked as well. What causes osteoporosis is also smoking. It is certainly a bad habit. According to a study, the nicotine that remains in the body every time we smoking is a toxic waste that inhibits the bone cells from absorbing vitamin D and calcium.

So in order to prevent us from suffering osteoporosis, we need to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Aside from we quit smoking, we have to have a regular exercise to tune up our bones. We also have to take food supplements that backup the lack of calcium, vitamin D, and even boost the reproduction of sex hormones. There are a lot of supplements in the market. You can take your pick. Yet, make sure that it contains Vitamin K2 because this element works directly on your bones and assists your body in fixing bone calcium. You will never compromise your health, and you certainly know what you need now that you know what causes osteoporosis.

What Is Osteoporosis?

What is osteoporosis? Why does it occur to adults? What causes this disease? How do you know you are already having one? What is the best medication to help you treat this disease? Or, how can you prevent it? This blog post will attempt to answer those questions. Generally, an osteoporosis is a disease of the bone that makes it porous and weak. The culprit of osteoporosis is the bone density. As we get older, our bone density diminishes. When this happens, we are facing the risks of fracture, hip displacement, and the worst case is we would be experiencing trauma due to broken hip which sometimes results to death.

What Is Osteoporosis

Of course, not everybody has osteoporosis but it is not a guarantee that you are one of the few who do not have. In fact, in America, research shows that over 10 million people are affected with osteoporosis, and 300,000 are hospitalized because of broken hips. This usually occurs to women. Based on statistics in the US, 1 out of 5 American women who are over 50 years old has suffered this disease.

Calcium and phosphate are the two essential minerals that strengthen our bones. If a person does not have enough of these minerals while he or she is young, this person will most likely to suffer osteoporosis in his or her later life. Why? The body will tend to reabsorb these minerals from your bone, leaving it weaker and porous.

How do you identify that you have osteoporosis. Are there symptoms that you can recognize and associate with this disease? There is no sign that would help you determine if you are already having it. That is also the reason why people have no clue what is osteoporosis. Sometimes, for some people, they already have bone fracture before they know this kind of health concern.

To be on guard, it is wise to take enough calcium while it is still early. You also go to a specialist to have your bone density check. There is this special equipment that would determine your bone density. It is also helpful to take food supplement that does not only contain calcium but also have minerals that work in synergy with other ingredients and help your body absorb calcium. For those suffering from this bone disease, they can take medicine that contains vitamin k2. This vitamin acts directly on your bone plus it help your blood vessels from regulating calcium and not take it all away from your bone. Once you have this kind of treatment, you do not have to fear what is osteoporosis may do to you.