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Everything You Need to Know to Stop Back Pain Before a Period

Just like many women experience cramps before a period, many women also experience lower back pain before a period. These two PMS symptoms often come together for many different reasons. When the uterus swells during a period, it begins to put pressure on the other organs and structures of the abdomen and back. This means that women will experience back pain in their lower backs due to the increase in pressure on the spine and kidneys. Other structures like the bladder and nerves also get more pressure during a period than they normally do.

Many different remedies for lower back pain have been introduced. These include massage, heat, exercise, medications, and natural supplements. Heat and massage work in similar ways. The idea is to relax the muscles and stop the contractions that cause the pain and swelling. Heat can be applied through warm baths or heating pads. Massage can be done on the lower back or abdomen. Exercise is another popular option. When women experience pain, they often abandon their gym routines, but getting good blood circulation and stretching muscles can often stop PMS symptoms.

There are many things to avoid when eating that will help to fight lower back pain. Foods that contain caffeine and chocolate are stimulates that can create lower back pain. Avoiding these types of food. Alcohol and smoking can also create low back pain before a period that is uncomfortable. Getting plenty of water keeps the body hydrated and the lactic acid out of the muscles. This can help to reduce pain that comes from the muscles contracting.

There are many foods that can affect back pain before a period, too. Caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, and dairy products can all make pain worse. Smoking also leads to increases in pain responses and by avoiding these things, you are able to stop the pain much easier. Drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated and flush the lactic acid from the muscles that may be responsible for your pain.

Natural hormone stabilizers are a much healthier way to go. These supplements combine herbs, minerals, and vitamins women need to keep hormones balanced and stable. This means that PMS symptoms are unable to occur when these hormones are stabilized. Not only will these supplements stop PMS symptoms, but they also provide women with the nutrition they need to lead healthy lives all month long. Natural routes are a much safer, better way to go.